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Escape games

The Hack

Online Multiplayer Puzzle Game

Gather your detective team for an online investigation and solve the cyber crime of the century. You have to stop the hackers!

The hack is a digital online investigative game which you can play remotely with your team. The game is fully web-based, you only need a browser and internet connection. We recommend teams up to 5 players. The game time is to 2-3 hours.

Nautilus escape game

Welcome to the world of adventure, invention, and magic!

Join the adventure of Nautilus submarine and its brave crew, on their unexpected journey to far, dangerous, and unexplored lands!

Nautilus is a Jules Verne inspired escape game combining different play-styles to give you an experience of a unique adventure of steam, science, exploration, and magic. Also, you get to drive a submarine!

Galactic Pioneers escape game

Save the future of humanity!

Travel aboard the Galactic Pioneer spaceship to the far end of the galaxy to colonize a planet and save the future of mankind!

High-tech game for an interactive movie-like experience: action-coordinated sound and light effects, innovative high-tech solutions in a fully computer-controlled environment.

Alchemist's Chamber escape game

Legend has it...

Travel back to the 16th century Prague in search of the Philosopher’s stone. Only those who can solve all the puzzles and mysteries protecting the stone prove they deserve its power.

Play in Battle Mode!

We have 2x the Alchemist’s Chamber game at our location – identical rooms, same challenges but only one team can win! The direct competition between groups makes the game even more challenging and fun! Ideal for teambuildings and big team events!

Enigma escape game

You have a mission!

You are on a military mission! You need to steal the submarine plans from the enemy headquarters behind the enemy lines. Escape the prison and find the plans before the time runs out!

Dense atmosphere, contemporary objects and realistic props make this spy mission an unforgettable adventure! A real spy can always escape! Can you?

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