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The Explorer’s toolkit

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Contains a voucher for the Nautilus escape game and additional gift items in the same theme.

The Explorer’s toolkit

The toolkit contains the essential explorer items for your journey to uncharted lands! Get a ticket to drive the Nautilus submarine, record your leather travel journal in style with a quill! Each entry will have a proper timestamp as a Kraken themed pocket watch is included in the kit. Also, a pair of stylish steampunk goggles – whether you are mixing chemicals, piloting an airship or encountering savages in the wilderness – they always protect your eyesight!

The gift box contains a voucher for Nautilus escape game. It also contains necessities for a steampunk explorer – a victorian themed leather journal, a quill, a pocket watch with Kraken themed cover and of course – a pair of stylish and practical steampunk goggles.

The address of the game is Balbínova 32, Prague 2, 120 00.


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 35 × 20 cm
Contains a voucher for Nautilus escape game and additional gift items for steampunk explorers and scientists.
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