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The Hack – online detective puzzle game

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Gather your detective team for an online investigation and solve the cyber crime of the century. You have to stop the hackers!

You can play anytime and anywhere, all you need is a computer!

The hack is a fully web-based digital puzzle game designed to play by multiple players together as a team. All you need is a browser and internet connection to play, no download is needed. You can play alone, join others in real life or even in a video call. We recommend the game for teams up to 5 players, however to have the perfect experience, make sure there are no more than 2 players per computer. The game time is about 2-3 hours.

IMPORTANT: The game requires English or Czech language knowledge.
The game is not optimized for a mobile phone or a tablet. We recommend using a laptop or a desktop computer.

The price of the game for 1 email address connected to 1 device is 590 CZK. Every additional email connected to the game is +100 CZK.
1 email address/device – 590 CZK
2 email addresses/devices – 690 CZK
3 email addresses/devices – 790 CZK
4 email addresses/devices – 890 CZK
5 email addresses/devices – 990 CZK

Purchase of the game
Please select on how many devices you would like to play and purchase the activation code accordingly. You will receive your code instantly via email. After that you can create your team and invite other players to join you.

Create your team
To register for the game, please visit Enter your email and your activation code. As the next step you will be able to invite other players who you would like to play with using their email addresses. They will receive their login link. Please note, after you invited your team you cannot change the team members.

Automated hint system
To get help in the game, there is an automated system which is built in the evidence board webpage. Use the four-digit code available on every platform to trigger the flow of hints. Hint codes always contain a letter and 3 numbers – for example H101. For every code you will get a selection of 2-3 hints – the first one is the most cryptic, the last one is the most direct help. In case the hints are not helpful, or you have doubts about your answer, you can check the solution as well.

Ready to play!
Visit the website to validate your activation code to start your game!

Further technical details
For the best game play experience, we recommend using the most updated versions of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. If your team members play remotely, use a screen-sharing video conferencing app to host your team! We recommend Google Meet or Zoom. The game contains multiple audio and video elements, therefore we recommend to use headphones which will reduce echo and other disturbing noises.

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