Alchemist’s Chamber avatar game for 1 team

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Alchemist’s Chamber avatar game for 1 team

New format! Try our escape room games online with a real life avatar.

The concept is the same as for real life escape games however, players join the game virtually. A team of 2-5 players connect remotely to the game. Their task is to explore the space and solve challenges while they are guiding their real life avatar through the mission. The players will see the real-time video feed of the avatar (a game master) who is present in the game. The avatar is their eyes and also their hands while solving puzzles and mysteries.

Right now we offer the Enigma and 2 Alchemist Chamber games in the online format, therefore in one round up to 15 players can play online at the same time. Try the Alchemist Chamber Battle Game in online format as well!

The novelty of the format provides a different kind of experience, but is proven to be just as much fun as playing the game in real life!

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